Importing an SVG File

This lesson shows you how to import a 2D graphic (.svg file) into Tinkercad. This takes a few steps, but it’s a valuable skill to develop and is very useful for importing logos, text, and other simplistic visuals. You will learn how to turn the 2 dimensional image into a 3-dimensional model. This is often used when embossing and engraving an object, which will be explained more in the next section.

In the video, the author uses the website to convert a .png image (raster graphic) into a .svg image (vector graphic). Another helpful site for this is Simple black and white images work better than complex images with lots of shading. If you are in the Design Lab classroom, you can also ask Mr. Mularella to download an .svg image for you from

After watching the video, find an image online and use one of the tools listed above to save it as an .svg file. Then, import this image into your Tinkercad project before moving on to the next lesson.

Please watch the video within the course. (Do not open in YouTube unless you are revisiting this lesson and need to jump to a certain point in the video.) Press “F” to watch the video full screen.