How to Work with VInyl

This lesson outlines how to use vinyl sheets to create decals. Students always call “stickers”, but they are different. These decals adhere to solid surfaces due to friction. Unlike stickers, they can easily be removed, though not easily reapplied. Even though the Cricut Maker can do a lot of different things, this is what most students want to use it for.

Using the Vinyl Cutter Respectfully: When you do use the vinyl cutter, please be respectful of the machine, the tools, and the materials.

  1. When you cut out a decal, always do it near the edge so you don’t waste materials.
  2. Don’t create decals that are very large if you don’t need them to be large. Always look closely at the measurements in Design Space and compare that to a ruler so you know how big it will be.
  3. Please keep the clear plastic sheets on top of the different cutting mats when they are not being used. This is very important! Without the plastic sheets, the mats attract dust and lose their stickiness.
  4. Always return all “weeding” tools back to the bin when you are finished.